Subbalakshmi Kumar : Director – Centre for Development Education

Subbalakshmi Kumar is the director of Centre for Development Education (CDE) at Pune and has led several international projects in development education and education for sustainability.  She has managed projects like Gardens for Life (developing school gardens), Global – ITE (creating activism amongst trainees teachers), Rights Bytes (Making children make films on their perception of child rights) Global Footsteps for schools (linking schools in UK and India) and is currently managing the International Climate Challenge (Generating action amongst youth for climate change) project in India.
Most of the projects fall under the area of development education and international partnerships. She is currently pursuing her PhD on ‘Education for Sustainable development and Climate Change’ on teacher training from the University of Mumbai. Subbalakshmi Kumar has also developed a 20 hours teacher education program for Education for Sustainable Development and Climate Change.

Jayshree Inbaraj : Project Head - Mumbai

Jayashree Inbaraj is a faculty member at Smt. Kapila Khandvala College of Education; a Teacher Education college affiliated to the University of Mumbai, Juhu. She has been involved in several International development education projects like the school linking project called Global Footsteps between Mumbai schools and UK schools in 1999-2000.
Project coordinator for a Project Global ITE (2001-2003) linking the Egerton University, Kenya, the Gloucestershire University U.K. and the Smt. Kapila Khandvala College of Education, India; aimed at facilitating and including the Global dimension in formal educations sectors using the vehicle of both initial and in-service teacher education and the Gardens for Life project .
Currently (2009-11) she is the Mumbai coordinator for the ongoing International Climate Change project (ICC) encouraging the youth to participate to take action towards a more sustainable world. Jayashree Inbaraj also works closely with schools for curriculum planning and conducts several teacher development workshops for Action Research and Psychology.
She has already submitted her thesis 'A study of the awareness of global issues among student teachers and their motivation towards education for global citizenship’ to the University of Mumbai for award of the PhD degree.

Archana Devar Verma : Project Co-ordinator - International Climate Challenge Project

Archana Verma is the project co-ordinator for the International Climate Challenge project managed by CDE in India. Archana brings with her 4 year of work experience in the environment and sustainable development space in India. A management graduate from the Queen Margaret University, UK, she been the India Co-ordinator for CleanStar Trust, a non profit that is a resource centre for community-based agro-forestry and clean energy production that engage and benefit the rural poor.
Archana has also been an active member and the Pune city co-ordinator for the Indian Youth Climate Network a youth coalition bringing together likeminded youth and organizations. Prior to this she worked as an executive for the New Ventures India program; a business accelerator at the CII- Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre (CII-GBC).
Here she was responsible for the Green Investor’s Network, steering committee, public relations and was a core member of brand building team of CII- GBC. Archana has also won the second place at the 2010 BoP (Base of the Pyramid) Narrative Competition, Cornell University, USA.