Greg Whitehead

Greig emigrated to Australia in 1964 and completed studies in secondary and higher education, specialising in Agriculture. A successful 15-year career in dry-land agriculture, as a research worker, agronomist and farm management consultant followed. Further studies in the early 1980s led to a second career in education and specialism in program management and coordination.
Greg’s work has fostered involvement and experience across four countries – Australia, United Kingdom, India and Kenya – with a focus on schools and higher education and links between the Global North and South.
A major component of program delivery has been to plan and coordinate national and international conferences in each of the four countries listed. An additional focus has emphasised the importance of program outreach (from education institutions) to include involvement and action from/with the wider community.

Katy Newel Jones

Katy Newell-Jones currently combines being Programme Director for Feed the Minds, a UK-based NGO, with consultancy in global education and international development. She has over 15 years international experience of developing, managing and evaluating projects in partnerships with indigenous NGOs in Africa, the Indian sub-continent and South America, with expertise in literacy, training of trainers, conflict resolution, project management, gender and evaluation.
In the UK, Katy uses participatory approaches to learning and brings global dimensions into her work which includes teaching and doctoral supervision in Higher Education Institutes as well as facilitation and evaluation for national and international NGOs. Increasingly the focus of Katy’s work challenges western-centric perspectives and promotes collaborative learning between the global north and the majority world.
Katy holds a doctorate in Ecology and an honorary research fellowship in the Nuffield Department for Medicine, Oxford University. She was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship by the Higher Education Academy in 2004 and used this opportunity to promote collaborative learning between palliative care professionals and academics in Argentina, South Africa and the UK.
Katy has published consistently, with recent papers including briefing papers for UNESCO, WHO, UNDP and DFID; academic papers and training manuals on learning, facilitation, literacy and conflict resolution. She is currently Chair of the British Association for Literacy in Development.

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