Global - ITE (Initial Teacher Education)

The Global - ITE (Initial Teacher Education Project) from July 2001 - June 2004 facilitated the inclusion of a global dimension and sustainable development within the formal teacher education systems of three institutions viz. Egerton University, University of Gloucestershire and Smt. Kapila Khandvala College of Education (KKCE) from Kenya, UK and India respectively.

As a part of this project, innovative ideas and methodologies for training teachers were developed, partnerships with NGOs were built that supported the work of the trainees whether it was gender equality, human rights or environmental awareness and modules were created to train children for citizenship through the existing school curriculum.

Around 1000 teacher-trainees from 3 countries and 7500 students from 75 schools were involved in this project. More than 150 participants involving teachers, teacher educators from Kenya, UK and India participated in an international conference organised by CDE and KKCE in Maharashtra, India.

Global Footsteps for School

The Global Footsteps for Schools project (1998-2001) was a school linking project with the objective of fostering links between schools in India and the UK. Primary classes from 15 schools in Mumbai, India were linked to 15 classrooms in Cheltenham from Gloucestershire, UK. Over a period of three years the schools developed a strong rapport with each other and exchanged materials related to the curriculum on several topics like the weather, festivals, food, facilities in schools, cultural activities and more. Over 15000 students from the two countries were involved in this project.

Moreover, a group of eight teachers from the UK visited the Indian schools, took part in the daily activities of the school and had a good experience of teaching in their partner schools in India. Similarly eight teachers from India visited their counterpart schools in the UK, participated in various activities at their schools, stayed with teachers of the schools thus getting an English cultural home-stay experience and brought back resources and experiences to narrate for their school children.

This project was jointly coordinated in India by Jayashree Inbaraj and Subbalakshmi Kumar and was in partnership with the Global Dimension trust, Cheltenham, UK. This project was funded by DFID, UK.

Global Footprints

Global Footprints (2001) was a project that focused on the dietary habits and provided nutritional solutions to the children of Standard VII (age 12) of St. Judes School, Mumbai, India catering to children of the lower middle class group. The project assessed the nutritional status of the children; made suggestions to the children on improving their dietary habits; counselled the children along with their parents to improve dietary habits of the family; made the children study the nutritional facts about their own food habits and study the effects of fast foods and suggest low cost homemade nutritional alternatives.

The project was jointly coordinated in India by Subbalakshmi Kumar and Jayashree Inbaraj in partnership with Global Dimension Trust, Cheltenham and The Humanities Education Centre, London, UK.